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Our Communities

We work across many sites and communities in the Winelands. We have built centres, schools and learning facilities at three key site. Mbekweni, Franschhoek and Malmesbury.

The communities in which we work are all in the Western Cape of South Africa. Many have a troubled history which can be traced back to the apartheid era..

The townships are surrounded by stunning scenery and amazing views.

Life is not easy for most of the families and particularly young people, who are struggling to live with the daily challenges of poverty, violence, substance abuse and unemployment

Our communities are characterised by...

  • High levels of unemployment – up to 60%

  • Significant crime and violence

  • Major drug related problems

  • Poverty and ill health

  • Single parent families

  • High incidence of HIV/AIDS c 20%

  • Sexual, gender abuse and violence

  • Growing populations

  • Inadequate infrastructure

Despite this…

Young people with a zest for life and full of potential and aspiration





It’s not about how many times you fail but what you do after falling that counts. Parents always encourage toddlers to stand up after falling while learning to walk, it should also be like that when following your dream. Don’t give up after not being chosen for trials or the team, try every time until you master it. The community here feels like a vulture to the parents always ready for the next kill, but because of the life skills development children can stay away from being the vulture’s next prey.

WGILS Programme Member

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