Mbekweni Township

25,000 to 80,000 people

•40% below the age of 15

•66% below the age of 34

•48% below the SA poverty line

•HIV/AIDs > 20%

•Epilepsy 2x SA average

•TB increased by 71%

•> 20% not in formal education

•20 reported murders

•57 reported rapes

•582 serious assaults

•Drug related crime increased by 260%

•Average life expectancy reducing (54 at present

•Sport access for girls is virtually non existent

•No provision for disabled young people

Opened in June 2010 by Lord Mawhhiney of the English Football League and dedicated to the young people of Mbekweni

Mbekweni Community Sports Centre

Indoor centre

–40m x 20 m artificial 3G floodlit pitch

–Changing rooms, showers etc

–Inclusive – disabled – girls

–Seating for 380

–Kitchen/food facilities

–Training rooms, counselling rooms etc

–Football, futsal, cricket, tag rugby, netball, volley ball, kick boxing

–Community centre for music etc

–Sustainable design


Outdoor facilities

–Floodlit netball

–Garden and vegetable growing

–Cricket nests

–Hard playing surface


Design criteria is

–To build and operate to no less a standard/quality than in the UK.

–Children across the world deserve the best we can give



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