Our established programmes are –
  • Mass participation in sport – “Sport For All” (netball, football, futsal, volleyball, handball, basketball, tennis, badminton, touch rugby, cricket, chess, aerobics & fitness, traditional games, etc)

  • Sports Skills development – daily coaching for teams in all primary schools and some secondary schools; as well as establishment of sports clubs based at the Centres with different age groups and both genders and participating in federation leagues (currently focused on football, netball and cricket)

  • Outreach into the local schools to teach Physical Education (PE) and Life Orientation (LO). This builds capacity in schools and teachers, the lessons integrate with centre activities and ensure continuity of message and values.

  • Capacity building in individuals and communities, through education and training, to enable them to become economically self sufficient.

  • Focused life skills programmes – working at a meaningful level with small groups –

    • Brothers in Action (teenage boys – addressing the role of males in society and their attitudes towards females, rule of law etc.)

    • Women and Girls in Leadership through Sport (teenage  girls – supporting them as they grow into maturity, developing their role as leaders in families, nutrition, exercise, child care etc)

    • Substance abuse (focused on alcohol and drug abuse) and access to health care professionals

    • Young Leaders (leadership skills development in school and aligned to the Life Orientation curriculum as well as after school and community based, focused on youth leading sports and other activities in their schools and community)

    • Environment. A programme creating awareness, understanding, action and choices. Aimed at community clean up, recycling and upcycling. Programme involves the parents.

    • Faith based (Christian) youth groups






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