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Our involvement in township projects began in 2004, with the construction of an Educare centre in Mbekweni, near Paarl. In 2008 Hope Through Action was created to change lives through sport and education.

In 2008 the organisation was registered as a charity in the UK and in 2009 was legally constituted as a PBO in South Africa. The two organisations have boards of trustees which are responsible for direction, governance and strategy. There is a local Executive Board responsible for day to day oversight.

Hope through Action, with our implementation partner SCORE, use sport as a vehicle to provide a foundation for positive development through early intervention. We take a future view when building capacity, ensuring our communities are empowered with practical skills that could break the cycle of poverty.


Our Community Sports Centres provide a range of programmes including leadership development, life skills, team development and skills training.  Besides the creation of a safe space for youth development, there are a range of additional activities for all ages including a sewing/knitting club, aerobics, gym and counseling services. The inclusion of a Learning and Resource Centre allows for structured digital educational and play activities like homework assistance, online research for school projects and preparation of CV’s. The Learning centre provides the platform to develop relevant skills to succeed in the developing technological world.

Our communities face many challenges including social, economic and spiritual. Hope Through Action, through our centres and proven programmes, provide development options for all, effectively converting these challenges to growth opportunities to ensure a better future.


Key facts

  • Focus on core skills to support the development of children and young people

  • Working in three township communities in Western Cape

  • Over 12,000 children and young people impacted per month

  • Invested over R120m (£6.0m) Current prices

  • Operational costs – R5.22m (£262k) / year

  • Over 70 people are financially dependent on HTA activities

"Imagine a 10-year-old kid looking you straight in the eye and saying "I come to this centre so that I don't get killed like my brother did...and because they teach me how to be a good  person”

Volunteer fundraiser

Our Mission

Our Mission

  • To provide pathways for children and young people, through physical activity and education, so that they can develop and make positive life choices.

  • To engender positive attitudes towards education and improve academic performance and leadership skills.

  • To support and aid children and young people to develop intellectually, physically, emotionally and spiritually and improve their psychosocial wellbeing.

  • To provide access to structured and effective sport and educational facilities and resources.

  • To be inclusive and non-discriminatory in all we do irrespective of individuals gender, language, ethnicity, race, religion, politics, sexuality etc.

  • To enable and equip young people to become independent and employable.

  • To safeguard and protect participating children, young people and vulnerable adults and to support them and their peers to challenge barriers to their personal development.

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Our Values

We believe …

  • With the right support, encouragement and opportunity, individuals can change

  • Individuals have unlimited potential

  • The holistic development of young people is essential, i.e. physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual

  • Young people have the potential to change communities and situations

  • Young people need to belong to a caring community before they can believe

  • Every child has the right to be the person they were created to be

  • In being professional and ethical in our business and all we do

Number of young people receiving life orientation and physical development per month


Number of young people participating in centre based sports and life skills per month


Number of Grade 1 learners receiving daily support in language and numeracy


Number of home visits made to families per month


% of female participants


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