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​We value your interest and support. Any donation is really appreciated and we promise that it will be used to change the lives of young people.

We are registered in the UK with the Charity Commission (11255698) and the HMRC so we can recover an additional 25% through Gift Aid if you are a UK tax payer.


In South Africa we are a registered section 18A company (930040777).

We are a volunteer lead organisation so our overheads are kept to a minimum.

Our accounts, both in the UK and SA, are audited and published.

Our bank account details are -

SA Bank account

Hope Through Action Foundation SA

Standard Bank 

Sort code 05-02-10

Account 280544316

UK bank account

​Hope Through Action

CAF Bank

Sort code 40-52-40

Account 00016623

You can donate via any of the following platforms.

You can use CAF Donate from the USA and anywhere in the world providing you have a UK credit card

USA, UK, Europe, SA, World wide

With a UK Credit Card

South Africa


United Kingdom

You can give £20 by texting LIVES to 70470

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