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Our Patrons and Founders

It is over twenty years since our first visit to Mbekweni, a one hour drive north east of Cape Town. We were immediately struck by the appalling poverty, the massive under-investment in education and the sense of hopelessness in so many young people. We were determined to try to make a difference, however modest, in projects prioritised by the local community.

Having been introduced to the Nompumelelo Educare Centre by a local Christian charity we decided to invest in its facilities and staff to provide a dramatically improved level of educare.

By 2008, working with Phil Bland, we had established Hope Through Action as the vehicle for our work in the townships. We had also identified the development of life skills through sport and education as our priorities - these have been our focus for the last fifteen years.

Hope Through Action is now working in three communities, all within 50 miles of Cape Town. There is no doubt that thousands of lives of under-privileged young people have been transformed by the work of our team and of our friends at SCORE. We are hugely grateful for the efforts made by so many people, in both the UK and SA.  

The immediate priority is to secure adequate funding to ensure their future.

Philip Green
Judy Green
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