We are aware of allegations being made of misconduct by one of SCORE’s coaches at the Mbekweni Community Sports Centre.

SCORE, as the employer, has carried out an independent investigation, by an external lawyer, into the allegations which looked at the evidence presented and took testimony from witnesses.

The investigation concluded that there was no evidence to support the serious allegations made. It was, however, identified that the individual concerned had contact, via texts etc, with a teenage girl, which were in breach of both SCORE’s and Hope Through Action’s policies.

Both SCORE and the Hope Through Action Foundation take all such allegations extremely seriously. Following the independent hearing the coach was sanctioned.

The board of the Hope Through Action Foundation has met to consider this issue and recognises the importance in ensuring all staff working at the centres fully comply with relevant policies and procedures. The board demands the highest standards of behaviour and an unquestionable ethical stance in all that is done.

For over 10 years the centre has been a safe and secure place for young people to grow, develop and mature into adults. The board of the Hope Through Action Foundation, SCORE and the community of Mbekweni must continue to be united in supporting the life changing programmes provided there.

If anyone has any further evidence related to this case then we would encourage them to contact Aphiwe Titana, the centre manager at Mbekweni, or directly to Hope Through Action via info@hopethroughaction.com