New programmes
  • Disabled children and young people, including visually impaired and those suffering from FAS (existing programmes require updating)

  • IT and computer skills development. In an increasingly digital world young people need to know how to access information “on – line” and be confident users of technology. They also need to be trained and skilled in avoiding “cyber bullying” and other abuse/addictions associated with the internet. (NB we acknowledge the previous support of Nedbank in the provision of computer hardware)

  • Entrepreneurship and Employability. A programme developing business skills, CV writing, accountancy, banking, planning, grant application. This may be in association with a bank or major employer by linking to other organisations. Engaging with retired professionals to mentor young people for awareness and practical skills development

  • Healthy eating. The availability of high sugar/fat content foods has an impact on young people’s health. A programme to provide nutritional advice, access to fresh food and simple recipes to be available.

  • Training in hospitality and tourism. This will reinforce the existing relationship with Val de Vie and/or developing new partners


Community activities

There are also an increasing number of community events and recreational programmes running at the centres, these include –

a.      Dance, music, art & drama

b.      Craft for children

c.       Keep fit – in association with the Department for Correctional Services

d.      Library and reading groups

e.      School holiday programmes

f.       Social football and other sport leagues

g.      Concerts, Church services, public meetings, funerals, weddings etc




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