Our values
We believe ….
  • With the right support, encouragement and opportunity individuals can change

  • Individuals have unlimited potential

  • The holistic development of young people is essential, i.e. physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual

  • Young people have the potential to change communities and situations

  • Young people need to belong to a caring community before they can believe

  • Every child has the right to be the person they were created to be

  • In being professional and ethical in our business and all we do



We operate by ….
  • Having no external political agendas

  • Being inclusive and having no limits to access

  • Enabling and equipping young people to help young people

  • Focusing on the person not the crime or the situation

  • Investing in the holistic development of young people

  • Building capacity within individuals, communities and society to bring about change

  • Developing skills in local individuals so that they can manage the centres and programmes

  • Measuring, monitoring, learning and underpinning our activities with academic rigour



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