How we work

Created in 2008 specifically to change lives through sport and education

Our involvement in township projects began in 2004 with the construction of an EduCare centre in Mbekweni

Sport is our primary vehicle for change – a common language across nations, races colours etc

Our facilities provide a safe place for young people to grow, learn and develop. They are

a)  Open, inclusive access irrespective of economic situation

b)  Colour blind

c)  Safe and secure

d)  Children and young people first

e)  No discrimination for gender, belief, colour or ability

Our approach is ….

  • To build high quality sports and educational centres (investment of over R50m)

  • To provide a safe, enclosed space for young people to grow, learn and develop

  • To integrate life development programmes with sports coaching

  • To focus on

  • Leadership – individual, family and community – “dare to be different”

  • Health – HIV/AIDs, TB, making healthy lifestyle choices, substance abuse

  • Welfare – basic needs of food/clothing

  • Education – integrating with school – focus on those who are not in school

  • Business development – employability, entrepreneurial skills, financial management

  • Sports Excellence – coaching to achieve potential